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Become A K9PT!


This course is perfect for those looking to start working with dogs, maybe as a dog enthusiast looking for a complete change of career, as this course will guide you through everything. However, it's also great for many canine professionals such as pet dog trainers, sports dog trainers, hydrotherapists, massage therapists etc. As more and more people now look for Canine Conditioning services close to them, you could be the very first in your area! 

Let's talk a little bit about the course...


We have developed our Canine Personal Trainer course to provide tuition for people wishing to become K9PT’s! This course will teach you how to use land-based conditioning to reduce the risk of injury and improve the overall health and well-being of dogs. There are so many benefits to conditioning, helping out sporting and working dogs is obvious, but did you know conditioning can be a great help for reactive dogs too? The course is designed for a variety of learners, whether you are already a canine professional looking to expand your services or a dog enthusiast looking for a change of career. You may even just like to complete this course to be able to condition your own dogs more confidently!

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Existing Centres


The business thrives on vet referrals from Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties due to the high standards of the facility and practice.

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Opened in partnership in 2014 as our second branch and is developing into a successful rehabilitation centre with increasing referrals.

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Burgess Hill, WEST SUSSEX

Opened in partnership in 2018 as our fourth branch and is recieving referrals from over 70 vets. A new area for us but a local area to former Fitzpatricks 'Supervet' Hydrotherapist Sue Howell who is managing director of this centre. 

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Opened in Wiltshire in 2018 as our third branch however our first centre to offer a dedicated cat clinic.

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Opened in 2022 branching out into a new part of the UK

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